our firm

Elit is a private corporation committed to increasing value and improving conditions in the commercial Real Estates market.


The focus of Elit is Real Estate investment management through the development, acquisition and management of commercial properties and land. We implement our expertise in finance and Real Estate markets to maximize value.


We are fully dedicated to all of our investors and partners to providing real measurable success.

our team

The founders of the ELIT are profesionals that bring their experience to create and added value in the midle and long term



Long experience in the Real Estate Market is a key element to detect investment niches and opportunities



A successful investment does not have frontiers. Expertise of International and Local laws are the first step toward smart investments



We have a deep understanding of financial investments and Capital Markets, which gives us the edge to fully understand the financial needs of the Main Street



Having in our core team Architectural and Engineering expertise helping us forecast the challenges ahead on each new project before fully committing